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About Painting with Canvas

Painting with Canvas is the perfect blend of memories and creativity! We specialize in private parties, and introduce you to your inner artist. Not only will you create something beautiful to hang in your house or give as a gift, you'll have fun! Bring a date or friend, add a glass of wine (or two), and let art therapy take over. 


This is as close as it gets to paint by numbers! You'll be guided step by step from local artists, perfect for beginners or any skill level.  This is a great way to take your next happy hour, date, birthday, or team building activity to the next level!

Painting with Canvas
Francesca Bessett Artist


Painting with Canvas is the brainchild of the vivacious, talented, gregarious Francesca Bessett.  As a self taught artist, she believes you can find the benefits in art without attending a fancy art school.  From childhood Francesca has been drawn to all things artistic. Painting developed as one of her favorite creative outlets. She also loves spending time with friends and family, and is known for her re-creations of portraits drawings and illustrations, as well as original art pieces. Francesca realized that this delightful marriage of creativity and socializing lends itself as a great way to get people together-paint, socialize, and meet new people; all over a glass of wine, of course! 

This petitely packaged dynamo will bring out the inner you on canvas.​


Eat, drink, socialize, paint, and find your Happy Place.


You can visit her personal site at: 

About the Owner:

As seen on ABC's Sonoran Living!

     We taught Terri O and Susan how to paint! 

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