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May News

May NewsletterWhat's new and upcoming?Hello, Social Canvas artists! As we start moving into summer (yikes!) we have more exciting paintings! But first- here's some exciting news :)

We're adding mixed media classes. This is where you compile sheet music, pages from a book, news clipping and more to the background of your canvasand paint on top. Have you tried this before? Our first mixed media class is Wed, 6.18. Too anxious to wait? Let us know!

Weekday classes at Pesto's. Everyone is quite vocal on your love for Pesto's Pizza and Wine bar. The ambiance, the music, the food, the WINE ;) Take a look at the calendar for Monday classes. Interested in a different day? Let us know!

Summer kids classes. Your kiddo's will be out for the summer, so keep them entertained! If interested, contact us for more info. We're getting together a place for it and are offering mobile classes to homes. Special weekday prices available.

Get cartooned! This is something we'e are SO excited about. We'll be offering parties where we mobile to you and turn you into a cartoon!Single classes. You've heard of speed dating, well get ready to paint and meet people all at once! Stay tuned :)

Use coupon code "spring" for $5 off a person!

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